Which wine goes with which goat cheese?

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Goat cheese, bread and wine... a match made in heaven!

What do goat cheese, bread and wine all have in common? These three fermented products are all the result of ancestral know-how! Yet what unites them most is the wonderful way they complement one another on our table.

Rabelais even went as far as to call them the “Holy Trinity” of the table! In this article, we will explore the perfect combination of this divine trio, to which we might even add a fourth recruit: fruit.


This all comes down to personal taste and there are no hard and fast rules. Having said that, a good rule to follow is: the fresher the cheese, the whiter the bread. And it should be less salty. A freshly baked baguette is a sure bet.

Another option is to offer your guests a basket containing a selection of rolls. For example, Vienna bread with Goat cheese logs, raisin bread with Aged goat logs, toasted sandwich bread with Breaded cheese, and walnut bread with Mi-Chèvre.


Ideally, you should choose your wine first. Then, you can pair the cheeses on your board based on the characteristics of the wine chosen. And above all, don't believe that only red wine goes with cheese!

Look for flavors that complement one another for a winning performance. For added originality and surprise, try a few more daring contrasts. If you want to be absolutely sure, remember that all goat cheeses pair with the white wines that are grown in the same regions: white Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé, Quincy, Muscadet, Ménétou-Salon, Reuilly, dry or medium dry Vouvray, Bourgogne Aligoté, or white wines grown in Haut Poitou.

If you want to pair your goat cheese with a red wine, then go for a light-bodied red: Chinon, red wines grown in Haut Poitou, Beaujolais Primeur and Gamay will match your cheese board to perfection.

Finally, cheeses that have been aged for longer pair well with wines that have higher levels of tannins as well as ... sweet white wines! Definitely worth a try!

Alcohol misuse harms your health. Please drink responsibly
Alcohol misuse harms your health. Please drink responsibly

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